jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

Come back.

I'm just waiting for you
You leave me, you said thats auwful words "I don't love you anymore"
My days are empty with out you, with out your kiss, your smell, your eyes, with out your heart beat.
The days feels like months, years and centurys. Come back please, take me, take my soul, my sadness, my happiness, take what ever you want, my life if you have to.
You're everything that I need and more. You gave me everything I need when you breath near my neck.
Just take it, TAKE IT!, I'm nobody with out you.
My love, your beuty, your eyes, your lips I know that are not afraid to die and I'm not either.
Every where I look I see you, I see that black sky without stars.


come back to me.

P.S: fuck! i feel like bella in new moon.

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