lunes, 4 de enero de 2010

The stranger

I just was driving near the mall
just few blocks a way from my house.. and suddenly a guy that was jogging crossed the street, I almost kill him because I didn't saw him, and he jumped on the hood of my car I was in shock but he saw me with those eyes like saying "HOLLY SHIT" and I started laughing I don`t know why but I did and I realized that he was laughing too, he had the most beautiful smile that I ever saw.
And then he approached to my window and ask me for my name and I said "Maria"
he said "Eduardo"
"You almost kill me but If you had kill me I'm sure I had gone to heaven happy just because you kill me"
I just laughed louder.
He turned away and yelld "Bye Maria"
I was in shock
And I don't know if I would see him again and that thought stayed stuck in my head for hours
and now the only thing that I remember it's his smile..
that heaven smile

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