viernes, 1 de enero de 2010

How a book can affect your dreams

My dreams... they are'nt the same
When I started to read Twilight saga well my dreams started to chance... and my mood
My mood now: sad, depress, confused... and some feelings I can't describe and I hate when that happend.. don't you?

This fucking book is affecting me more that I can't imagine... but the problem is that I can't stop reading is like a drug
"You're like a drug to me. My personal brand of heroine"
How that could happend? anyone have the answer? please?
I feel what she is feeling in that moment... when he leave her... i feel like evryone or my special person is leaving me.. or he's going to leve me soon or later.

I just want to sit and cry... but when I sit the tears don't come out
Damn books...
They take over my life hahaha and my feelings....
and most of all MY DREAMS.
I dream about Edward and wolf mans
Yes Yessssss I'm fucking crazy I know... and crazy it sounds.. I like it.. in a creepy way.

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