domingo, 5 de septiembre de 2010


Hi... My name is Nenela. I'm from Caracas, Venezuela.
I need some help from you guys, from all TWILIGHT fans really.
Two months ago my best friend, Laura, died in a car accident. Was the most horrible accident I ever seen, I was with her that day, I was following her home, it was 6pm, a beautiful day really and all of the sudden a car of the opposite side of the highway jumped the rail, that was in the middle of the highway, and fell on top of her car crushing her to death. I don't have enough words to say how I'm feeling right now. A part of me died that day. I miss her every second.
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She was a fan of Twilight, she was soo excited about Eclipse. She bought everything related to Twilight, from water bottles to glitter for the body. Twlight help her to came out of her shell, she was so shy and never talked to anyone but when the books came out OMG! what a change... She even went out dancing, was incredible how the books changed her, for good.

When the movies came out, she cryied. Those books were her life, Stephenie Meyer changed her live, no I`m lying, Stephenie Meyer SAVED her live.

One day she said to me "If I ever see Stephenie Meyer or anyone of the cast I will smile at them and look to the sky and say -Thanks you for saving my life- and walkaway". She didn't want any photos or autographs, the only thing she did wanted was to let them know HOW THEY SAVED HER LIFE!.

Bella help her to believe in herself, that to be diffetent is beautiful, that to be shy and quiet doesn`t mean that you're a weird person, that a person can love you no matter what. Bella gave her everything she need it. Bella whas her friend. Bella was Laura.

I own them so much, really. Stephenie gave me my best friend, my sister, my soul mate, my safe pier. MY EVERYTHING.

That day, the last day I saw her, was the day that we went to bought the tickets for Eclipse. They were on pre-sales. She was so happy, she told me "Now I can die happy". That phrase is engraved in my head like a stone. She never hurt anybody, the people that knew her loved her and care about her. She was the most beautiful girl in the planet.

So the thing that I`m asking is that you guys help me to let them know how they saved her. Please. I know that u guys don't know Stephenie Meyer or the cast, but I`m just want that u guys share this story with all the people u know and let then know how Twilight save peoples life, those books aren't only books, they are hope, love, support, everything that people need to keep on beliving.

I want to keep on going but write this make me feel sad and angry about everything. Sorry.

Please, share this. I want to people know how amazing Laura was. She IS the most beautiful angel in heaven.

Thank you.


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